It’s a 10 Miracle leave-in potion plus keratin, Miracle oil plus keratin

             Most of us are very familiar with It’s a 10 leave in. We all fell in love with this product when it came out. It’s a 10 now has branched out to quite a bit of products to love your hair. With the brand expanding and giving us more of a variety to chose from; I thought I would check out a few and give my opinions.

             I have been doing hair for 16 years. I have seen my fair share of hair care products some I love and some I can do without ever using. It seems as though before It’s a 10 miracle leave-in our choices of leave-ins tended to leave the hair on the heavy side and at times difficult to stlye. This left the client not wanting to use leave-in products at all. When It’s a 10 came out it was a hair saver needless to say I was very excited to try their other products hoping for the same great results.

             The leave-in miracle potion plus keratin is meant to:

1) smooth hair/ add shine

2) non-greasy

3) enriched with keratin

4) no build up

5) thermal protectant

6) humidity resistant

7) de frizzes

8) separates curls

9) blow dryer/flat iron use

10) lightweight formula

           This product can be applied to the hair while wet to protect the hair from the heat of a blow dryer. It can also be applied after to add some dimension to curls or separation with straightened hair. This product is as it states very lightweight. With this product being so lightweight it let the hair keep its movement and is not to heavy or greasy. I have used this product on several clients with different hair types and textures I have to say it does everything it says it will do. I highly recommend this product especially if you have dry or damaged hair. 

          It’s a 10 miracle oil plus keratin is a great product for adding shine to styled hair. You can also add this product to wet hair before blow drying to gain some control over the hair keeping it smooth. I really like this product for very damaged hair it adds life back to the hair. Hair is very shiny and like new after using this product. I would also recommend this product for the care of your hair..

          Both of these products have keratin in them. Keratin as we all know is great for the hair. Keratin is a protein that helps the hair that is damaged or has had stress added to the hair. Keratin is naturally found in the hair, but as we color and style the hair we lose the valuable keratin we need. Both these products alone or added together will help give keratin back to hair getting it back to it heathly beautiful state.



Hard Candy Reviews

I have recently tried a couple Hard Candy cosmetics products, I will be sharing with you all my reviews and opinions on these few products. From my understanding Hard Candy is primarily sold at Walmart. These products are more cost-effective and are to be compared to more high-end products at a lower cost.

Sheer Envy Pore Defense Primer Serum, this primer is meant to smooth away pores before applying foundation. claims this primer contains pore-tightening actives and astringents that absorbs excess oil for all day flawless wear. Micro-fine powders blur fine lines and color corrects skin tone. Your skin will look and feel smoother, more uniform, and perfectly shine free.

This product also claims to be long wear, to be worn under any foundation, oil free, alcohol free, silicone free, and suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

The product is 1.5 FL. oz

$8.00 at your local Walmart

On the Walmart website this product rates a 2 1/2 out of 5 stars.

I have used this product several times, and with several different foundations. I have used it with both high-end and drug store foundations. This product goes on with a gel like texture. When I applied the serum over moisturizer it tends to roll up into balls which is not nice at all. I have applied this serum without moisturizer hoping for a better result unfortunately it did not life up to its claims. I found this serum to not help in the life of my foundation if anything it made my foundation separate in certain areas. I myself do have larger pores in my nose and cheek area. This serum did not help in these area at all if anything it made them more prominent. unfortunately I have to give this serum a bad review as it made my foundation worse than beneficial.

I am giving the sheer-envy pore-defense primer serum by Hard Candy a 0 star rating.


Sheer Envy Primer Long Wear 12 Hour Primer

This primer claims to be a creamy primer that really works for up to 12 hours of wear. This invisible base acts like a magnetic force that attracts makeup for all day flawless wear. (Hard Candy)

Use under any foundation

Long-wear formula

Works up to 12 hours

1.3 oz

$8.00 at you local Walmart

This product rates a 3.6/5 on

OK, so I go back and forth with this primer. There are days when I feel this primer really works, and days I feel it’s just crap lol. I have used it for many months to get a real review. I have used it with high-end and drug store foundations. When applying this primer it is a bit thick and is clear in color unlike the orange color it comes out of the tube. It is not a good primer for covering pores. I have noticed the times it does seem to work pretty well is when I am not very active during the day. I would not recommend this primer for a busy day outside and in any heat. Overall it is an ok primer for pictures and if you’re not planning much activity.

My rating for this primer is 2/5 stars


Hard Candy Highlight Contour face duo stick shade and light in the shade light

Dual ended highlighter and contour cream stick. This duo helps to sculpt define and slim in just a few quick strokes. Contour shade minimizes and sculpts while the highlighter enhances features. (

Walmart gives this product a 2/5 stars

$6.00 at your local Walmart

I have to say this is one of my favorite contour sticks. The shade side is perfect for fair skin it does not have that to orange shade most contour shades have. I have used this with both a brush and blending sponge it blends perfectly with both. The highlight side of this stick is not so great. its ok for a bit of lightness. There is not much pigmentation pay off on the light side. With that said it is still worth the price for the shade side of the stick.

I am giving this product a 4/5 star rating

This is just my experiences and opinions on these Hard Candy products I have used. Everyone has different skin textures and tones so they may work for you as some did not for me. Thank you for reading my reviews and I hope anything I have given is in any way helpful. I look forward to sharing more reviews with you guys in the future.

Beauty in The Young

Have you ever watched a make up tutorial on YouTube and you think your watching a young woman in her mid twenties and by the second video or so of this YouTuber you find out she is actually a young teenager. I am not sure why but this alway seems to send me into a bit of a state shock. As I find myself starring at the screen for what seems to be a lifetime but really is only about a minute, I have this look on my face that must tell all when my daughter comes up and asks whats wrong. I am all for our younger generation expressing their amazing talents through make up. I throughly enjoy watching their videos and gawking at their amazing talent. What blows my mind is the amount of make up that is applied. Now I am fully aware that everyone wants to try the latest trend and of course see the result on their faces. What gets me is they are totally unaware of their own beauty. There are no limits to how much to apply for any certain skin type. For a young person with flawless and poreless skin there is no need for the caking of foundation and concealer. This is causing them to look almost thirty instead of embracing their young beauty. I feel no one is teaching our younger generation it is ok to look young. In fact it is the point of us older folks of applying all this product is to look young ourselves. I have seen so many videos and the young girl looks so much better without the cake and has no idea she already has flawless skin. Are we teaching our younger generation they have to apply all these layers to be flawless? Who set these rules in place of what flawless is anyways? Isn’t beauty in the eyes of the beholder? Have we forgotten what beauty lies within that we have forgotten to teach this to our younger generation? I think all of the foundation and concealer can still be applied with perfect skin just maybe not as much. More younger people need to be told how beautiful they are. We need to teach the younger generation to embrace themselves. If we don’t teach these kids to accept being young, they will be in their thirties before they know it and wonder why they never got to be young. Can you imagine what their kids will be like if we dont start teaching them now.

Rules To MakeUp

Are there rules to makeup? As a woman I have asked myself this question a million times over the years. I have lived through the colorful 80’s confusing 90’s and grunge infested 00’s. In every decade this question has come up and the answer is always different. If we just look back just within the last ten years “makeup” has changed drastically even within the last couple of years. We have went from being naturally pretty trying to wear as little makeup as possible, to wearing as much makeup as possible and it not mattering as much if you look “natural”. And the question still raises is there rules in makeup? If you listened to every beauty guru or “YouTube” makeup artist you can quickly become very confused in what is ok and not ok. Many people get so overwhelmed with all the new beauty tricks they end up not doing anything at all and living in fear of makeup. So there raises another question is there too many rules in makeup? I can relate to being overwhelmed with all the tricks everyone has, that it gets scary to post your ideas or pictures. In the time we are in now, posting a picture of yourself to show off your skills can quickly become a nightmare. With everyone on social media everyone has an opinion to how your makeup should look like. Everyone thinks they have the right to point out how you didn’t “contour” in the right spot or “highlight” enough. A lot of people get mixed up in becoming the next trend or having the most followers they forget we are all human and a makeup trick that works for one facial type may not work for another. I have myself seen some pretty bad makeup jobs not because of the lack of skill of the person putting the makeup on but them trying so hard to exactly copy a certain trend, they don’t consider their own features. We have to remember even though we all want that pretty face or to perfect the latest trend it is a must that we change them to our own features. I think the answer to the question if there are rules in makeup, it is a yes and no answer. we can say there are rules when we all want to follow the trends they all have set of guild lines. And on the other hand the answer is no we all have different features so you can not put a set of rules for everyone to follow when we have to change them to fit our individuality. I do think this is a topic I will be coming back in the future.