Beauty in The Young

Have you ever watched a make up tutorial on YouTube and you think your watching a young woman in her mid twenties and by the second video or so of this YouTuber you find out she is actually a young teenager. I am not sure why but this alway seems to send me into a bit of a state shock. As I find myself starring at the screen for what seems to be a lifetime but really is only about a minute, I have this look on my face that must tell all when my daughter comes up and asks whats wrong. I am all for our younger generation expressing their amazing talents through make up. I throughly enjoy watching their videos and gawking at their amazing talent. What blows my mind is the amount of make up that is applied. Now I am fully aware that everyone wants to try the latest trend and of course see the result on their faces. What gets me is they are totally unaware of their own beauty. There are no limits to how much to apply for any certain skin type. For a young person with flawless and poreless skin there is no need for the caking of foundation and concealer. This is causing them to look almost thirty instead of embracing their young beauty. I feel no one is teaching our younger generation it is ok to look young. In fact it is the point of us older folks of applying all this product is to look young ourselves. I have seen so many videos and the young girl looks so much better without the cake and has no idea she already has flawless skin. Are we teaching our younger generation they have to apply all these layers to be flawless? Who set these rules in place of what flawless is anyways? Isn’t beauty in the eyes of the beholder? Have we forgotten what beauty lies within that we have forgotten to teach this to our younger generation? I think all of the foundation and concealer can still be applied with perfect skin just maybe not as much. More younger people need to be told how beautiful they are. We need to teach the younger generation to embrace themselves. If we don’t teach these kids to accept being young, they will be in their thirties before they know it and wonder why they never got to be young. Can you imagine what their kids will be like if we dont start teaching them now.