Rules To MakeUp

Are there rules to makeup? As a woman I have asked myself this question a million times over the years. I have lived through the colorful 80’s confusing 90’s and grunge infested 00’s. In every decade this question has come up and the answer is always different. If we just look back just within the last ten years “makeup” has changed drastically even within the last couple of years. We have went from being naturally pretty trying to wear as little makeup as possible, to wearing as much makeup as possible and it not mattering as much if you look “natural”. And the question still raises is there rules in makeup? If you listened to every beauty guru or “YouTube” makeup artist you can quickly become very confused in what is ok and not ok. Many people get so overwhelmed with all the new beauty tricks they end up not doing anything at all and living in fear of makeup. So there raises another question is there too many rules in makeup? I can relate to being overwhelmed with all the tricks everyone has, that it gets scary to post your ideas or pictures. In the time we are in now, posting a picture of yourself to show off your skills can quickly become a nightmare. With everyone on social media everyone has an opinion to how your makeup should look like. Everyone thinks they have the right to point out how you didn’t “contour” in the right spot or “highlight” enough. A lot of people get mixed up in becoming the next trend or having the most followers they forget we are all human and a makeup trick that works for one facial type may not work for another. I have myself seen some pretty bad makeup jobs not because of the lack of skill of the person putting the makeup on but them trying so hard to exactly copy a certain trend, they don’t consider their own features. We have to remember even though we all want that pretty face or to perfect the latest trend it is a must that we change them to our own features. I think the answer to the question if there are rules in makeup, it is a yes and no answer. we can say there are rules when we all want to follow the trends they all have set of guild lines. And on the other hand the answer is no we all have different features so you can not put a set of rules for everyone to follow when we have to change them to fit our individuality. I do think this is a topic I will be coming back in the future.